Ultrasound Technician Salary

Ultrasound technicians salaries are generally high due to the importance of their work and the shortage of good candidates. Average salaries in the US would be from $40k to $85k per annum and can be as high as $100k per annum for some of the more specialist practitioners.

Ultrasound technicians are required to be able to work with people, be a good communicator and have excellent patient care. Ultrasound technicians will need to be able to keep accurate patient records and understand the patient medical histories. They may often be dealing with expectant mothers but they can also be involved in a variety of medical conditions including kidney stones, unusual lumps/cysts or endometriosis. An ultrasound may also be needed in brain and heart complications. It is of paramount importance that the technician can be caring and soothing to patients with potentially life-threatening diseases.

Ultrasound technicians may need to work on flexible schedules including night shifts and evenings but they can attract salaries in the US from $40k to $85k per annum. Additional salaries can be commanded with additional qualifications and some diagnostic technicians can earn up to $100k per annum.

To become an ultrasound technician you would typically need to study for between one and four years. The length of time depends on which qualification you want to achieve (minimum is a certification) and how much prior experience in healthcare you have. Compared to nursing, which takes between four and six years to qualify, becoming an ultrasound technician can be an easy route into healthcare. Should you choose to specialise later, higher salaries can be achieved but further training and qualifications are needed.

Ultrasound technicians work with doctors and nurses to diagnose and monitor medical conditions. One of the most common ways that an average person will interact with an ultrasound technician is through pregnancy. The technicians will take a sonogram of the fetus to check the heartbeat and overall development of the fetus. Obstetrics is the area dealing with child birth and sonography is the medical procedure which uses high frequency waves to obtain an image of internal features of the body.